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Digital Asset Management

Reduce workloads and increase the speed and accuracy of your product updates

Total visibility and control give you the freedom to manage your e-commerce content seamlessly and securely through our Digital Asset Management System.

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Digital asset management tools that put you in control

Content storage + hosting

Create a single source of truth for all your digital assets.

Product Information Cloud integration

Seamlessly manage, search, browse and distribute content to your e-commerce partners.

Flexible digital content management

Manage, upload and tailor your assets for a variety of digital scenarios.

Support and training for success

Onboard your supplier communities, then continually support their needs.

Digital Asset Management that protects your brand

Product changes can happen at any time, creating a need to constantly manage and update accompanying content. When done manually, applying product changes consumes a large amount of time and can lead to product content inaccuracy, resulting in increased costs and potentially damaged brand reputation and consumer loyalty.

That’s why 1WorldSync built our digital asset management (DAM) platform for reliability. Our automated digital asset management and content services work in tandem to ensure accurate content is placed in the accurate location. You’ll both reduce workloads and increase the speed and accuracy of your product updates.

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A single source of accurate content

Modern e-commerce success hinges on increasingly complex rich media and content. When all your assets flow from a single digital asset management (DAM) platform, you ensure the information shared with your partners and digital systems is accurate, high quality and up to date.

  • Preserve brand integrity with current logos and imagery
  • Seamless integration across technologies and distribution channels
  • Maintain GS1 and governmental compliance
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Replace manual processes + avoid human error

Manual data entry and processes are a recipe for mistakes. Automated digital asset management tools not only eliminate these costly errors, they save your teams valuable time and effort.

  • Generate one-touch sales sheets featuring only your most up-to-date information
  • Empower your sales team with the accurate information needed to drive growth
  • Utilize flexible templates and print/email functionality to further showcase your offerings
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Create + manage your own content, or engage our experts

Upload, create or manage your own images within our digital asset management platform, or rely on our Content Services team and partnerships for the heavy lifting.

  • Support for mass uploading of content assets
  • Production of 360-degree images in compliance with GS1 standards
  • Retain full ownership of all assets
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Rely on our onboarding and support

We don’t expect you to become a digital asset management platform expert overnight — or on your own. Our community enablement team is in your corner throughout our engagement to build continued success for both content providers and recipients.

  • Education for specific topics, including item setup and maintenance, data quality, content creation and more
  • Consistent teams throughout your 1WorldSync relationship
  • Track and scorecard your supplier communities

Our customers, our community

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