Product Information Management (PIM) Software

Aggregate, Validate and Communicate Your Product Content Across Your Systems

Simplify your content orchestration and integrations with 1WorldSync’s PIM software so your data and content are always accurate and consistent.

Take Control of Your Product Information

1WorldSync’s Data Sync Direct tool is a leading Product Information Management (PIM) platform that harmonizes your product content syndication to your trading partners across retail, distribution, e-commerce and more.

Whatever system you use to manage your product content, Data Sync Direct will aggregate, validate and communicate your product content instantly so that requirements are met and content is delivered seamlessly.

Harmonize large volumes of inbound product information with:
  • Configurable workflows that allow you to guide incoming content to your cross- functional teams
  • Seamless integration to 1WorldSync’s Item Management platform for brands, distributors and retailers
  • Endless ability to add internal or trading partner proprietary data fields to complete item profiles
PIM Benefits and Best Practices

Product Information Management Made Easy

Data Sync Direct harmonizes your vast amount of data and content, no matter the size or use case.

Workflows & Validations

Protect your brand from inconsistencies that can lead to inefficiencies among trading partners.

Aggregate Data

Integrate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and existing internal systems to a single source of master data.

Comply with GS1 standards

Ensure product content exchanged between trading partners supports regional and regulatory standards.

Data Sync Business Process Integration Engine

Seamlessly communicate your data to your trading partners in their preferred format.


Validate Information Across Any Standard

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