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Item Setup Automation & Updates

Reduce your product time-to-market by up to 75%

1WorldSync Content Acceleration captures, creates and enriches your product content for more accurate, effective e-commerce and supply chain exposure.

Hero image of a coffee bag sitting in front of laptop displaying the 1WorldSync Item Management user interface. Above the coffee bag is a product content checklist graphic.

“1WorldSync Content Acceleration was a very quick and easy process from start to finish. It was the only service that I’ve worked with that did what they said they were going to do in the time they said they were going to do it—without any glitches.”

Victoria Vanderyken , Sales Support Manager
Purely Elizabeth


Send Us Your Product, We’ll Take Care of the Rest

Move Faster

Missed deadlines mean missed revenue. Don’t let product content be your bottleneck!

Stress Less

A managed service that spares your team weeks worth of item setup content generation.

Publish Better Content

Validated, enriched, e-commerce-ready content delivered straight to 1WorldSync Item Management.

Stay Up to Date

Content Acceleration is designed for refresh cycles, so the next time you need an update, we’ll be ready.



Item Setup: Easy Mode

Content Acceleration combines technology and content specialists to streamline the content capture and creation process for supply chain and e-commerce needs for over 160 attributes.

  • High-quality images that match retailer style guides
  • Full hierarchy support, plus 58 auto-generated attributes
  • Product description generation, plus specs and dimensions    
  • Certifications and handling information

Access with 1WorldSync’s Plus subscription plan!


Hero graphic of laptop displaying the 1WorldSync Item Management user interface. Behind the laptop is a carton of milk. The milk nutritional facts are displayed next to the carton of milk and different angled photographs of the carton sit above the laptop.

Already Have Your Content, But Need Help Getting It Where It Needs To Go?
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Guaranteed quality. Faster time to market.

A liquid in a plastic bottle is laying on a scanner where the bottle's weights and dimensions are being recorded.

Getting Started

Send us your products and we’ll take care of the rest!

Once we receive your products, we capture all the basic dimensions of your products, such as weight and measurements.

  • Ship Samples to 1WorldSync
  • Product Weight
  • Product Dimension Capture
In a photography studio, a photographer is placing a can of tomatoes on a rotating glass to be photographed. Next to the photographer is a desktop screen that shows the photographs of the tomatoes.

Product Content Created

With standard dimensions recorded and validated by our team, our experienced product photographers and technicians capture all the data off your products and create beautiful imagery.

  • Weight & Measurement validation
  • Off-pack content capture & content generation
  • Image capture
Woman sits as desk while writing in notebook. A laptop is open next to the notebook.

Ready for Syndication

The final stretch. Via our Item Management platform, we give you and your team the chance to review all the content, information, and images created by our team until you are 100% satisfied.

Once approved, you are then ready to syndicate your content to wherever you need to.

  • Brand Review & Approval
  • Content Delivery

Let’s see how much time you can save!

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