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**NEW** UNFI Product Image Initiative

For more information on the UNFI Product Image initiative:

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GDSN® Initiative

UNFI is the premier food distributor in North America. We distribute a vast array of products to thousands of retailers including natural product superstores, independent retailers, conventional supermarket chains, e-commerce retailers and food service industry operators.

UNFI has leveraged the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN®) to drive efficiencies across the entire supply chain since its inception. We have synchronized over a half million GTINs with our suppliers. GDSN makes it possible for any company to share trusted product information seamlessly. Companies of all sizes need timely, reliable product information to drive sales, attain efficiencies and meet the needs of the consumer.

UNFI expects all of our suppliers to join us in this important industry initiative to drive efficiencies across the entire supply chain. By implementing data sync with the GS1 Standards, you will be able to leverage your investment with hundreds of retailers, wholesalers and food service operators across the United States and globally who are already leveraging GDSN. By working together with UNFI, we drive the sales of your products to our over 43,000 retail customers.

We are developing a new master data management solution to integrate our conventional and natural businesses onto a common business system. To assist us in implementing this strategy we need our natural suppliers to begin synchronizing their items in GDSN now.


Data Quality:

UNFI expects suppliers to send accurate data, as it drives item set up and maintenance of data in UNFI’s systems. The following are just a few of the critical attributes we need you to publish. The full list can be found under the New Item Introduction section of this page.

  • Product Images — required!
    • Marketing-quality front Consumer Unit Image (showing brand, description, net content)
    • Case Image
    • Nutrition Facts Panel / Supplemental Facts Panel (for all edible items)
  • Quality, unabbreviated Product Descriptions
    • published via the GS1 Product Description field
  • Product Shelf Life fields:
    • Minimum Days of Shelf Life from Production
    • Minimum Days of Shelf Life at Arrival
    • Packaging Date Type Code (for example, expiration date)
  • Ingredients
  • Nutritional Claims
  • Allergen Declarations
  • Pallet Ti/Hi


New Item Introduction with UNFI:
  • GDSN capable suppliers are required to create new items through GDSN instead of manually creating them in our vendor portal. Suppliers should review our Implementation Guide for specific instructions..
Supplier Resources:

We’ve developed the documentation materials available on this page, in addition to the support resources listed below:

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GDSN Technical Contact Information

Please provide contact information for the primary person at your company responsible for implementing data synchronization and updating item information.

Business Contact Information

Please provide contact information for the individual in charge of contracts and purchase order with UNFI Conventional. The Business Contact may serve as a proxy for but is not generally the same as the GDSN Technical Contact.
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Sales Contact Information

Please provide contact information for the individual in charge of sales with UNFI Conventional.
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