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Trusted Content for Foodservice Industry Transparency + Compliance

As increased consumer safety concerns drive the need for product content transparency, the foodservice industry must evolve to deliver products faster and more efficiently.

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Industry overview

New foodservice industry challenges present increased opportunities

Consumers are increasingly active participants in product attribution, basing their purchasing decisions on information beyond the standard product label. This increased demand for more product information, especially when it comes to food safety, is no longer a “nice to have” but a “need to have.”

Demands around product sourcing and traceability will continue to drive innovation and change in the foodservice industry when it comes to food safety, perishable waste distribution models, online shopping and delivery options, and more.

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Wholesale grocer achieves product distribution speed to market

The challenge:
Need to ensure products are distributed to retailers in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

The solution:
Through its partnership with GDSN and 1WorldSync, the wholesale grocery supply company was able to provide retailers with complete and accurate product information, such as UPCs and case dimensions. In addition, it optimized warehouse storage capacity for greater product availability and deliver products with greater speed to market.

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Foodservice company achieves synchronized product attribution

The challenge:
Need to actively synchronize item information for more than 74,000 items with over 375 suppliers

The solution:
Through its partnership with the GDSN and 1WorldSync, the foodservice company acquired more than 314,000 GTINs received through the GDSN, with core attributes fully integrated into its systems.


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