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London Drugs

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London Drugs has partnered with 1WorldSync Content Solutions to provide structured, custom and enhanced content for the product SKUs sold on

Structured Content

Structured Content includes product specifications and attributes, images, key selling points, feature bullets, warranty and safety information, user manuals, what’s in the box and other information needed by the consumer to search, compare and understand what the product is and does.

Premium Content

Premium Content includes unique product descriptions and marketing text that are keyword-enriched and discoverable by search engines.

Rich Content

Rich Content consists of enriched marketing assets designed to digitally merchandise your product and entice the consumer to buy. Rich Content includes: images/image carousels, videos, 360-degree spins, hotspots, feature spotlights, influencer/marketing copy and other digital marketing assets.

Affordable, web-ready product images

  • Shots compliant with GS1 U.S. Standards
  • 360-degree spinset, multiple static images, to create a fluid interaction and spinning appearance, like a flipbook
  • Weights and dimensions data capture
  • Data collection for product height, width and depth
  • Mass uploading of product data, including images
  • Images formatted, uploaded and delivered to 1WorldSync’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution.

20+ years as the global leader in product content managed services.

We help brands deliver complete, accurate, compliant product content when and where it matters.

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