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Healthcare Data Innovations to Drive a More Sustainable, Compliant Industry

1WorldSync provides the trusted, quality, accurate healthcare data for integrated delivery networks (IDNs), hospitals and healthcare organizations critical during the exchange of timely medical device or pharmaceutical product information.

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Industry overview

New healthcare challenges present more opportunities

Accurate data quality in healthcare is crucial to transparency. Healthcare organizations and service providers are challenged with maintaining a host of sensitive data, while also providing a continuum of care to improve patient outcomes. Luckily, enhanced data synchronization capabilities available through the use of the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) provide the support essential to maintaining data accuracy and compliance amid today’s complex healthcare supply chains.

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Accurate product master data is essential for consumer products equity organization

The challenge:
Data errors, lack of data and manual processes create inefficiencies and ultimately increase costs in healthcare logistical processes.

The solution:

  • Existing healthcare system enhancements to improve efforts in streamlining collection of product master data
  • The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) for standardized, electronic transmission of healthcare product data
  • The 1WorldSync Item Management platform for supplier portal purposes to enter company specific, GDSN+attributes
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Product information transparency key for group purchasing organization

The challenge:
Providing accurate manufacturer data to members in both the healthcare and educational segments.

The solution:
1WorldSync’s comprehensive menu management tool, containing GDSN data from suppliers, enabled members to find products and the associated information necessary to aid in the development of planning and production documents.


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Improving the collection and standardization of healthcare product information

The 1WorldSync Item Management platform

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Regulatory submissions compliance

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NHS Master Data Exchange Project

Share and access compliant product data to increase patient safety and operational efficiency benefits.

Professional services + consulting

Leverage our experience and world-class solutions to save resources and quickly amplify your profitability.

Our customers, our community

Teleflex, a global provider of specialty medical devices, partnered with GS1, 1WorldSync and LANSA to implement a data management solution to comply with the upcoming UDI regulation.

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