Data Loading and Maintenance For Product Introduction

Last Updated: October, 2021

This Product Description describes the functionality and usage requirements for the Data Loading and Maintenance for Product Introduction service (“DLM PI”) as of the effective date in the Contract. This Product Description forms part of the Contract to provide Client with DLM PI. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the definitions assigned to them in the 1WorldSync General Terms and Conditions.

1. Services

DLM PI works in conjunction with the Product Introduction service (“PI”). DLM PI provides expert assistance to help Client load, publish, synchronize and maintain its data through PI. For clarification, such product content shall not include any digital assets. The 1WorldSync System used to publish Client’s product content employs GDSN certified and GS1 standards-conformant messaging and methodologies.

The services to be performed by 1WorldSync as part of DLM PI consist of the following:

  • Data loading services based on the provision up to twelve (12) item content assets per product, ensuring alignment with GDSN and non-GDSN recipient requirements.
  • Ongoing maintenance on existing item information upon Client’s written request.
  • Troubleshooting issues with successfully publishing Client’s product content with trading partners.
  • Assistance with responses received from trading partners, via Catalog Item Confirmation (“CIC”) messages.

1WorldSync will provide DLM PI remotely. Client will make the required resource(s) available to the 1WorldSync team for the duration of the DLM PI service period and will provide the necessary data and information to the 1WorldSync team in an accurate, complete and timely manner. Client shall be responsible for checking all item data provided by 1WorldSync as a part of DLM PI to ensure that it is accurate and complete prior to syndication with Client’s Trading Partners.

2. Requirements

Other Product Subscriptions: Subscriptions with 1WorldSync to access PI are required for DLM PI.

GS1 and GDSN Standards Adoption: In order to use DLM PI, Client must have correctly adopted the applicable GS1 product identification and measurement standards. Client is strongly advised to review the applicable documentation from both GDSN Data Excellence, Inc. and Client’s data recipients on the preparation of Content to be published to them.

System Requirements: DLM PI requires Microsoft Excel 2010 or later.

Data Entry: DLM PI requires that Client send all item content assets including but not limited to product specification sheets, label information, awards, certifications, to 1WorldSync via email.

Ongoing Maintenance: The DLM PI service allows Client access up to one (1) hour of ongoing maintenance during the applicable annual period for every ten (10) GTINs purchased by Client. The ongoing maintenance shall permit addition of or changes to attributes and/or recipients during the applicable annual period. Any additional ongoing maintenance shall be subject to a separate written arrangement with 1WorldSync.

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