Alaskan Sales Product Content Syndication Webinar

Alaskan Sales Product Content Syndication Webinar

Learn About Alaskan Sales and How You Can Help in Helping Community in Alaska

In this webinar, we covered an overview of Alaskan Sales company mission of helping communities in rural Alaska. It can be super difficult to source products for day-to-day needs in some remote areas of Alaska and the cost associated with it.

Alaskan Sales aims to help and support local retailers and communities by bringing products to them via efficient methods at the same time keeping the cost in control.

To be able to continue to serve and serve the growing needs of consumers, Alaskan Sales is requesting product data from brand owners. Their request is to synchronize all possible items.

Listen to this 30–40-minute webinar to hear directly from Wayne Kleven, Owner of Alaskan Sales.

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