Product Photography & Imagery Trends for 2023

Product Photography & Imagery Trends for 2023

Thursday, November 3, 2022 | 11am ET


3 out of 4 shoppers will leave a product page due to poor, or too few, product images. That’s a fact!1 While you can’t judge a book by its cover, your customers are judging your products based on your photos.

Join our 1WorldSync product content experts as they present live from the 1WorldSync Studio in Chicago to discuss the latest product photography trends, photography production options when facing uncertain supply chains, and the 1WorldSync photo-studio process. This is high-quality product photography at scale.

Topics in the Lens:

  • Answers to commonly asked photography questions that will help you grow sales
  • How 360-spin photography is made
  • Product rendering vs. Photography
  • Peek behind the scenes with our veteran photographers
  • Customer success stories to learn from

If you’re looking to increase engagement and conversions, or it’s simply time to update your packaging, you won’t want to miss this discussion!

1 – Consumer Product Content Benchmark Report, 2021