Trading Partners



GDSN® Initiative

Acosta has started the Global Data Synchronization (GDS) initiative in order to serve our suppliers and consumers better. Acosta has already begun to achieve the following benefits from this important initiative:

  • Quicker speed to shelf
  • Improved order and item administration
  • Reduction in item data issues in the sales process

Acosta is now synchronizing product data with the following suppliers: Nestle, Kraft, P&G, and hundreds more. Take steps today to sync with us and start reaping the benefits of this initiative.

Repository Data

Acosta is a sales and marketing company and requests that all partners publish available item data which we will maintain in a repository. The repository data is then synchronized to its various proprietary systems which facilitate the various initiatives contracted to Acosta to complete. This includes but is not limited to: set & project work, order processing, contract negotiations, marketing, merchandising and retail analytics.

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