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Gaia K12

Gaia K12

About Gaia

Gaia offers intuitive solutions designed for school nutrition teams, empowering them to fulfill their mission of nourishing students’ bodies and minds.  Gaia is an all-in-one solution for school nutrition, providing teams the tools they need to save time and increase participation.

Gaia simplifies product management and recipe formulation for K-12 compliant foods, so nutritionists can focus on menu innovation and student feedback. Their automated shopping lists and scannable production records eliminate administrative work and frees up time to tailor cafeteria experiences.

GDSN Initiative

Gaia has partnered with 1WorldSync to leverage the GDSN to supplement their efforts to deliver tailored solutions for school districts around the country.


  • Support school nutrition teams to ensure they have quality, accurate, and up to date information on all items
  • Highlight your full product catalog to school nutrition teams that are using Gaia
  • Gain insight on product usage and trends (consolidated reports)

Steps to Participate:

  1. Fill out the Gaia Trading Partner Form (see below)
  2. Review the Gaia Implementation Guide and Attribute Requirements
  3. Publish your Product Content to the Gaia GLN 1200144058434


Gaia Master Data Team –

1WorldSync Customer Support
+1 866.280.4013

Gaia K12
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