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Menu Freedom

Solving Foodservice Challenges

Menu Freedom is a robust, cloud-based menu planning and nutrient analysis system from NutriStudents K-12. It is a complete “plug-and-play” software platform that supports successful, independent, self-operated foodservice organizations nationwide.

Menu Freedom features an extensive library of chef-created, USDA compliant menu weeks that can be used as is, mixed and matched, or customized.

Menu Freedom extends the expertise and intellectual property of NutriStudents K-12’s sister company, CKC Good Food, a Minnesota-based school meal catering company specializing in bringing delicious and nutritious meals to a broader audience with proprietary recipes, processes, methods, and tools.

Menu Freedom is enhanced with 1WorldSync to implement the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), through partners like to you to receive enriched, standardized product information. We invite you to participate in this initiative to offer your products to nutrition professionals nationwide, to increase your product visibility, and give them the option to use your products in their menu planning and influence purchasing decisions.

Building a custom, USDA-compliant menu rotation has never been easier.

  • Users can utilize tried and true, chef-created menu weeks and modify with their preferred entrées or ingredients.
  • Or users can build their own compliant menu weeks with easy-to-use tools with just a few clicks.

Integrated time-saving features to help foodservice operators do more with less.

  • Instantly confirm USDA nutritional compliance of custom-built menus and recipes.
  • Automated verification, food production reports, and recipes available instantly.

Menu Freedom streamlines menu creation, ordering, daily prep, promotion, and reporting to help foodservice operators grow program participation and revenue while reducing food waste.

Our GDSN Initiative

We are proud to announce that Menu Freedom has joined GDSN via 1WorldSync as their GS1 Certified Data Pool. Our goal is to optimize our data ingestion by leveraging the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and its proven efficiencies. We will now be able to house all items in one location and leverage global standards. All updates performed on existing items, within GDSN, will automatically flow over to Menu Freedom allowing for real-time updates of supplier product content.

GDSN will help ensure Menu Freedom has quality, accurate, and up to date information on all items to ensure our menu content is current. Our customers are becoming more and more data-driven. Having the latest and most complete item content is the best way to represent any brand to potential buyers.

Participation in this initiative allows Menu Freedom to offer your products to nutrition professionals nationwide, therefore increasing your product visibility, and giving them the option to use your products in their menu planning and influence purchasing decisions.

Steps to Participate

  • Fill out the Menu Freedom Trading Partner Form below
  • Review the Menu Freedom Implementation Guide
  • Publish your Product Content to the Menu Freedom GLN 1200109010804 (Simply Good Food LLC, dba Menu Freedom)

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