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Argos has partnered with 1WorldSync Content Solutions to enhance content for the product SKUs sold on

Rich Content

Rich Content consists of enriched marketing assets designed to digitally merchandise your product and entice the consumer to buy. Rich Content includes: images/image carousels, videos, 360° spins, hotspots, feature spotlights, influencer/marketing copy, and other digital marketing assets.New in 2021: 1WorldSync is the exclusive Augmented Reality (AR) content production and syndication partner for Argos. Contact us at the form below to get started.

Key Features

  • Augmented Reality (AR) content production and quality assurance
  • Web-based product content manager
  • Drag and drop builder, with 360 Spin, GIFs, Videos, Scrolling
  • Banners, multiple layouts
  • Self Serve platform with interactive & responsive templates
  • Image Hotspots to highlight unique features
  • Responsive content optimized for Desktop & Mobile
  • Quickly & easily build multiple product pages
  • Web-based reporting metrics

20+ years as the global leader in product content managed services.

We help brands deliver complete, accurate, compliant product content when and where it matters.

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