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Plaza Food Systems is a premier one-stop shopping solution for your business, that simplifies supply chain management by designing a service program based on your needs. Based on years of experience and careful study of inventory management systems in Puerto Rico and abroad, Plaza Food Systems has been able to fine-tune storage and distribution processes into an all-encompassing and efficient tailor made system to fit the needs of the food service industry. Now more than ever, the food service industry has become a highly competitive market place, and top restaurant chains and food service institutions still trust their replenishment needs to Plaza Food Systems.

Because businesses are looking for that edge that will provide them efficiency in their supply chain, Plaza Food Systems is excited to announce we have partnered with 1WorldSync in order to bring enhanced supply chain management, logistics, warehousing and pre-schedule delivery capabilities to our customers through the use of the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). Data synchronization of item information through the GDSN allows our suppliers to send accurate enriched product information driving inefficiencies out of the supply chain and increasing product sales. To get started synchronizing your product data with Plaza Food Systems review the documents on this page and fill out our Trading Partner Form below today!

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