1WorldSync Joins GS1 US Certified Identification Partner Program

May 14, 2020

1WorldSync Joins GS1 US Certified Identification Partner Program

The program enables 1WorldSync to obtain Global Trading Item Numbers (GTINs) for customers in real-time, enhancing speed-to-market for consumer products 

CHICAGO, IL -May 14, 2020 – /PRNEWSWIRE 1WorldSync™, the leading provider of product content solutions has recently joined the GS1 US Certified Identification Partner Program.  With this program, 1WorldSync can quickly assist its subscribers to obtain a GS1 Company Prefix to create Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) and Global Location Numbers (GLNs), which provide globally unique identification for companies and their products across digital and retail channels.

While subscribing to 1WorldSync services, which has proved to reduce the time it takes from item entry to shelf by up to 67%, companies can obtain a GS1 Company Prefix in near real-time, streamlining customers workflow in item setup and further accelerating speed-to-market to their trading partners. 

“With increased pressure on today’s supply chain, it’s our responsibility to equip our community with efficient solutions that set up their products for digital shelf and in-store readiness,” states Harris Diamand, Vice President of Customer Experience at 1WorldSync. “Being a GS1 US Certified Identification Partner allows us to better streamline these item set-up processes.  Dedicated to GS1 US and GS1 Standards, 1WorldSync is committed to carrying this valuable product content quality across global trading partner ecosystems.”

In addition to this certification, 1WorldSync has achieved several certifications within the GS1 US Solution Partner Program, a designation signifying a commitment to delivering services and solutions that enable quick, efficient and accurate GS1 Standards implementation. 

To learn more about 1WorldSync’s solutions and certifications, visit 1worldsync.com.

About 1WorldSync

1WorldSync™ is the leading provider of product content solutions, enabling more than 12,000 global companies in over 60 countries to share authentic, trusted content with customers and consumers, empowering intelligent choices for purchases, wellness, and lifestyle decisions. Through its technology platform and expert services, 1WorldSync provides solutions that meet the diverse needs of the industry. 1WorldSync is one of the only product content network providers and GDSN Data Pool to achieve ISO Certification 27001. For more information, please visit https://1worldsync.com.

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