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Item Management for SmartLabel®

Improve Product Transparency & Digital Customer Experience

Hero Image Item Management for Smart Label

A Comprehensive Solution For Product Data Transparency And Online Consumer Engagement

Create Online Experiences That Exceed Consumer Expectations

With more consumers moving to online grocery shopping than ever before, it’s business-critical to create an exceptional online customer experience. A recent report “The Transparency Imperative” states 75% of online shoppers are more likely to switch to a brand that provides more in-depth product content beyond what’s provided on the physical label.  

Rich, Robust Product Content Drives Conversion

As the leading provider of product content solutions, 1WorldSync recognizes the many opportunities to extract greater value out of your product content investment.  With an intensified focus on consumer transparency, 1WorldSync offers integrated SmartLabel landing page generation and hosting directly from Item Management. 

This capability allows for the publication of SmartLabel pages that are 100% compliant with food and beverage categories using the item data and content already stored in Item Management.

With market-leading product information management capabilities, Item Management is the perfect platform from which to manage and deploy the data and content that represent your products and brand. 

With its integrated SmartLabel compliant functionality, you can now easily create and expose your product details directly to the consumer.  Coupled with the Digital Catalog, ContentCast, and syndication channels, the 1WorldSync SmartLabel solution further extends the value proposition behind your valued product content.    


Introduction to the Item Management SmartLabel Solution

A flexible, trusted, cost-effective regulatory compliance solution
Item Management enables you to quickly and easily create and organize data to meet SmartLabel-mandated requirements.

A comprehensive, and consumer-friendly solution to improve product transparency
1WorldSync’s SmartLabel capability presents product detail to consumers in an easily digestible format with data consolidated from a variety of sources, including package flat data and master data through GDSN.

A brand differentiator in your e-commerce experience
E-commerce integration including a turnkey widget that can be easily added to any environment enables you to leverage SmartLabel pages to improve the shopper experience and increase conversion rates. 

A new way to engage and educate consumers
Flexible Intermediate menu options and informational banner functionality provide new opportunities to educate consumers and leverage SmartLabel for marketing and promotional initiatives including couponing and “where to buy” links.

Why Use Item Management for Smart Label?

A single source for product data across your organization
Unify disparate product data sources to provide an accurate, flexible and up-to-date “single source of truth” 

Parsed Ingredient Lists
Create intuitive and navigable access to ingredient information.

Ingredient Definitions, Claims, Certifications and Disclosures
Explain with plain language ingredient definitions and all of the important attributes consumers really care about

Off-Pack Attributes
Unlock the power of SmartLabel as a brand canvas to include product features and benefits that physical packaging can’t accommodate.

Cross-Device Functionality
Ensure that your SmartLabel page displays correctly no matter what device the consumer chooses.

SmartLabel Nutrition Fact Panel