Item Management for SmartLabel®

Improve Product Transparency & Hybrid Shopping Experience

Increase brand loyalty and product transparency at the click of a button with SmartLabel.

Product Transparency Market Momentum

Source: 1WorldSync Surveys, 2021, 2022


of shoppers use their smartphones to look up products while shopping in a physical retail store at least some of the time


of consumers are willing to switch to a brand that provides more in-depth information


of shoppers in the U.S. have scanned a QR code on a product package to learn more about that product

What is SmartLabel?

SmartLabel is a digital solution that enables 1000+ companies to:

  • Increase transparency on product ingredients and sourcing
  • Meet regulatory standards
  • Create opportunities for consumer engagement

With a seamless cross-device interface, you can auto-generate product landing pages, integrate content into your e-commerce product detail pages, and add QR codes to your product packaging and labels.Seamlessly integrated with 1WorldSync Item Management, this affordable, simple-to-use solution is the best way to add SmartLabel to your product content mix.

Why Use Item Management for SmartLabel?

A single source for product data across your organization Unify disparate product data sources to provide an accurate, flexible and up-to-date “single source of truth”.

Parsed Ingredient Lists Create intuitive and navigable access to ingredient information.

Ingredient Definitions, Claims, Certifications and Disclosures Explain, with plain language, ingredient definitions and all of the important attributes consumers really care about.

Off-Pack Attributes Unlock the power of SmartLabel as a brand canvas to include product features and benefits that physical packaging can’t accommodate.

Cross-Device Functionality Ensure that your SmartLabel page displays correctly no matter what device the consumer chooses.

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