Digital Asset Management

Last Updated: Ocotber, 2021

This Product Description describes the functionality and usage requirements to provide Client with Digital Asset Management (“DAM”). This Product Description forms part of the Contract to provide Client with DAM. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the definitions assigned to them in the 1WorldSync General Terms and Conditions.

1. Services and Additional Terms

DAM provides Client with the ability to send images, videos or other digital assets to 1WorldSync (“Digital Assets”). Client grants 1WorldSync the right to store these Digital Assets within 1WorldSync’s systems, which include cloud-based servers from which those Digital Assets will be accessible for viewing and download via unique product URLs that 1WorldSync will assign. Client may then provide these product URLs to their trading partners and others, either by publishing them via the GDSN Connector or sending them in some other manner. Client understands that although each unique product URL will be a complex Web address, these URLs and the Digital Assets will not be secured or encrypted. Thus, any third party that is able to determine the product URL will be able to access, view and download any Digital Assets associated with it.

2. General

Client understands that DAM relies on the Internet and other third-party resources beyond 1WorldSync’s control. 1WorldSync is not responsible for the inability of Client or others to input or access any Digital Assets via this platform or functionality due to Internet problems or errors, public network failures, or for any other reasons beyond 1WorldSync’s control.

3. Requirements

An active current subscription to the 1WorldSync Item Management Platform may be required to use Digital Asset Management.

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