1WorldSync Product Bundles Product Description

1WorldSync Product Bundles

This Product Description describes the functionality and usage requirements to provide Client with the 1WorldSync Product Bundles technology and is effective as of the Go Live Date. This Product Description forms part of the Contract to provide Client with 1WorldSync Product Bundles. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the definitions assigned to them in the Agreement between 1WorldSync Product Bundles and Client.


1WorldSync Product Bundles is a software as a service provider of product bundles to increase the sales of complementary cross-sell products. 1WorldSync Product Bundles also provides access to a dashboard, in which the Client can monitor results of the solution.

Implementation Options 

1WorldSync Product Bundles offers two (2) implementation options, as described further below: 

1. JavaScript Implementation (see attached)

2. API Implementation (see attached)


  • In order to create the product matches, the Client will provide 1WorldSync Product Bundles with an up to date product feed in XML or CSV format. 
  • 1WorldSync Product Bundles will place a tracking script on the retailer’s website – this is used to track sales for invoicing purposes and improve the product recommendations over time. Please note that 1WorldSync Product Bundles collects the following information anonymously: 
    • Recommendation visibility and selection: whenever a customer sees or clicks a recommendation. Note: 1WorldSync Product Bundles does not profile the user – we don’t track what a specific user is seeing and does not provide specific recommendations for a given user;
    • Basket content: what the customer will buy in a specific transaction;
    • Order confirmation: order identifier when the payment is confirmed;

1WorldSync Product Bundles’s tracking JavaScript is included on every page where the information described above needs to be collected. For this purpose, 1WorldSync Product Bundles places a cookie on the user’s browser that stores a random transaction ID, when a first interaction is made with bundle recommendations. This transaction ID is then deleted when the purchase is finished.

For any further clarifications around privacy and cookies policy please visit https://1WorldSync Product Bundles.com/privacy-and-cookies-policy/



The Client will be provided with onboarding sessions throughout the implementation process and assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who is their main point of contact.

Community Updates

Client is entitled to receive relevant community updates and other newsletter publications as offered by 1WorldSync.

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