This Product Description describes the functionality and usage requirements for 1WorldSync’s (“1WS”) Product Content Match (“PCM”) services and is effective as of the date shown above. This Product Description forms part of the executed Agreement between 1WS and Client for PCM services. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the definitions assigned to them in the Master Services Agreement.

Solution Capability

PCM provides visibility to the state of content currently displayed on supported Retailer(s) ecommerce product detail page(s) as compared to coinciding content contained in the 1WorldSync Item Management application. Using this solution provides Client visibility to the degree of consistency between these representations of items, and provides the ability to extract content for offline review or upload to retailer systems.

Areas of content represented within the PCM solution include:

  • Item Identifier
  • Brand Name
  • Image Count
  • Product Description
  • Marketing Message
  • Feature Benfits
  • Ingredient Statement (food products only)
  • Preparation Instructions (food products only)

1WS PCM is delivered via 1WS’ PCM Portal. No technical implementation is required. Related onboarding support is provided remotely.


“PCM Portal” – Online dashboard(s) where Product Content Match reporting data can be accessed by Client.

“Item” – Otherwise known as a Global Trade Item Number, individual SKU, or stock-keeping unit.


Client Obligations/Requirements

  • Client must have a current subscription to the 1WorldSync Item Management platform.

1WS Delivery

  • Delivery format: Online accessible 1WS Product Content Match dashboard (downloadable).

Retailer Dependencies

  • Average turn-around time is within 2 business days, pending retailer’s site requirements and availability.

Accuracy Caveat

Client understands and agrees that the 1WorldSync Product Content Match services depend on data from retailer’s website(s) and that 1WorldSync’s services are dependent on said retailer website(s). 1World Sync is not responsible for any downtime and/or outages as a result of a particular retailer website(s) experiencing technical or other issues that impact 1WorldSync’s ability to aggregate data regarding Items or any other aspect of the Retail E-Commerce Analytics Services offered to Client.

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