Product Introduction

Last Updated: Ocotber, 2021

This Product Description describes the functionality and usage requirements to provide Client with Product Introduction (“PI”) as of the effective date shown above. This Product Description forms part of the Contract to provide Client with PI. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the definitions assigned to them in the 1WorldSync General Terms and Conditions.

1. Services

1WorldSync offers Product Introduction as an addition to the 1WorldSync Item Management Platform to provide participants with a methodology and a web interface to collaborate and incorporate GDSN standards based processes and data to streamline the new item product listing process with PI demand side recipients. 1WorldSync will provide technical assistance to help Client prepare and synchronize its new product content. This service includes support for preparation, testing, and assistance to ensure quick implementation of PI by Client.

2. GDSN Connector Requirements

Client may be required to purchase access to the Item Management Platform and the GDSN Connector to participate to utilize Product Introduction. This shall be determined based on the applicable recipient’s PI requirements.

3. Data Formatting Requirements

Usage of PI requires adoption and correct usage of product identification and measurement standards. Client is strongly advised to review the applicable documentation from GS1, GDSN Data Excellence, Inc. and Client’s data recipients on the preparation of product content to be published to them.

  • AS2 Users using the Applicability Statement 2 “AS2” standard for communications must adhere to the following rules:
    • Multiple, simultaneous (close in time) business transactions for a given company must be sent via batch messages and not in multiple, individual messages. The maximum number of documents allowed in a single XML message is 1000. Sending XML messages of a specific type (for example, Catalog Request) must not be any more frequent than once every 5 minutes unless the message contains at least 1000 documents.
    • The “listener” endpoint must be running during processing of messages until all transactions are processed and reconciled. (The AS2 “listener” is the client-side software/routine that waits for the response message and prevents inadvertent Denial of Service attacks that may result in deactivation.)
    • Users must provide around the clock (24 x 7) technical phone contact
    • Users must use an AS2 solution that is certified by DGI (Drummond Group Inc.)
    • No more than 10 concurrent connections are allowed.
    • Must be able to use publicly available hostnames (not IP addresses).
    • When sending an asynchronous message and receive a HTTP 200 response but no MDN, wait at least an hour to retry sending the message again. The number of retries should be limited to 3.
    • The maximum file size or XML message size is 75MB.

4. Additional Services

The Product Introduction Service does not include any customization or configuration of PI, or other 1WorldSync products or services unless they are separately contracted and paid for by Client. Upon Client’s request, 1WorldSync will provide Client with a custom quote and Statement of Work for such Professional Services.

5. Support

Technical Call Center. 1WorldSync provides technical support for PI at 1-866-280-4013 or via email at

Administrative and Billing Support. For administrative and billing issues, please contact 1WorldSync customer support at 1-866-280-4013 or at

Documentation and Training. In addition to written documentation, 1WorldSync provides web based training for Product Introduction

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