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Benefit from Enriched Content as a Service

Go beyond the GDSN with enriched content that works for you.

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The content to get your products to market faster

Leverage your core GDSN content

Benefit from access to the world’s largest data pool.


We expose the unique, evolving requirements of even the largest retailers.

Manage + optimize

Maintain a single source of truth to secure verified and enriched product content.


One-to-many content distribution to all of your trading partners in any format.

Enriched Product Content Brings Your Brand to Life

Consumers today demand a wealth of product detail to complete their purchasing decisions. Which is why we provide enriched content capabilities, technology and expertise to help you educate your consumers on the value of your products, and ensure your trading partners have the product information they need—based on their requirements—to go-to-market.

Types of enriched content or GDSN+

  • Hero and Lifestyle Images
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Marketing Copy
  • Videos and rich media
  • Critical metadata for e-commerce exposure
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Increase consumer conversion

Today’s consumers demand robust product content to help them with their purchasing decisions. In fact, more than 80% of consumers agree that they would find value in having access to more in-depth product information, according to the 2016 Label Insight Food Revolution study. Showcase your brand and product assortment with detailed product information to drive conversions, strengthen your brand and increase revenue.

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Improve data quality

Decrease manual entry and improve data quality through real-time validations.

  • Understand trading partner requirements
  • Receive real-time validations and errors before you publish to prevent speed-to-shelf delays
  • Get data quality assessments that provide detailed reports on a subset of your data, and actionable insights on how to improve
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Showcase hero and lifestyle images + marketing copy

Providing compelling imagery, why-buys and marketing copy have become pivotal to conversions and customer satisfaction.

  • Capture and provide ownership to differentiating imagery
  • SEO optimized marketing copy for improved search results
  • Hero and lifestyle images engage virtual consumers by accentuating product benefits
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Ratings/reviews + customer questions

Ratings and reviews drive consumer purchases. Manage your consumer feedback and answer customer questions from your retailer trading partners.

  • Receive actionable insights on customers with poor ratings/review on your products
  • Answer outstanding questions on consumer facing sites about your products

Our customers, our community

Read this case study to learn how 1WorldSync helped Seaboard Foods accelerate its content readiness for supply chain and e-commerce for 1000 products by 6 months with Image Capture, and reduce its product data loading process to a single day.

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Read this case study to learn how 1WorldSync helped boost Purely Elizabeth’s wellness journey through accurate product content that reduced their time to market by 75% and saved 56-plus project hours.

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Ajinomoto understood the urgency of having high-quality online image interactions. The company enlisted 1WorldSync, the leading provider of trusted content, to help their products visually stand out against competitors online.

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Data Loading + Maintenance 

Our team of data experts will format, load and publish your data quickly for you. Key benefits of our Data Loading and Maintenance Service include:

  • Speed
  • Expert Review
  • Compliance
  • Simplicity
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