Beer, Wine & Spirits Industry Call

Beer, Wine & Spirits Industry Call

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The Beer, Wine & Spirits (BWS) Share Group is open to any brand in the Adult Beverage Industry vertical. Our focus is on identifying industry gaps within the 3 tiered system and collaboratively work towards implementing solutions. We are currently building an end-to-end process map that shows a high-level view of the item lifecycle – from concept to the end consumer.

The start of a New Year for the beer, wine & spirits (BWS) industry brings new market segments, business and opportunities to increase consumer education with accurate and informative alcoholic sourcing and ingredients—both on the shelf and in craft spirits tasting environments.

Join this industry group call as we look back at how BWS organizations and distillers reinvented business processes in 2020, what innovations they may bring to the table for the year ahead, and how standardized product content management processes can help.

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