201 Advanced – Mass Upload with the Load Sheet (FUSE)

201 Advanced – Mass Upload with the Load Sheet (FUSE)

Create and Update All Your Products in One Click

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Upload mass GTINs in half the time. Use the Load Sheet (FUSE) tool to add, modify, link and publish items more efficiently from 1 single point.
Course overview:

The Load Sheet (FUSE) tool is a customized Microsoft Excel spreadsheet designed for those suppliers actively using 1WorldSync’s Item Management (IM) platform for product data syndication to their trading partners.

Suppliers who are tasked with uploading mass numbers of Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) can do so more efficiently through the Load Sheet (FUSE) to maintain a MASTER version of data they want to incrementally add, link and publish to IM from 1 single point of upload. Gain a live demonstration of how to upload and export the Load Sheet (FUSE) via IM to meet individual product data needs throughout the full item lifecycle.

Learning takeaways:

  • Gain an overview of the Load Sheet (FUSE) process and system requirements
  • Understand key Load Sheet (FUSE) capability use cases and consideration points
  • Watch a live demo and gain helpful tips

Walk away with:
The technical know how to save time managing mass quantities of product data for GDSN syndication purposes through the use of the Load Sheet (FUSE) in 1WorldSync Item Management (IM).

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