Reduce Your Product’s Time to Market By Up to 75% with Content Acceleration

Reduce Your Product’s Time to Market By Up to 75% with Content Acceleration

In omnichannel commerce, speed is paramount. Even for the largest brands, simple missteps in product content production and requirement validation often lead to delays that result in missed revenue opportunities, and in some cases, fines from trading partners.

The lesson is simple: Process matters!

In this 30-minute brand spotlight, learn how fast-growing organic food company Purely Elizabeth perfected their process, saving nearly 60 total project hours and reducing their product time to market by 75 percent.

Join featured guest, Victoria Vanderyken, sales support manager at Purely Elizabeth, as she details how developing the right system for scalable image capture, content production and content validation accelerated her team’s (and brand’s) success.

You’ll also learn:

Helpful tips for handling multiple retailer requirements and ensuring content readiness
How to deliver high-quality content the first time, eliminating time-consuming, costly second efforts
How 1WorldSync’s Content Acceleration suite can be tailored for your product content (and budgetary) needs
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Featured Speakers

Victoria Vanderyken
Sales Support Manager
Purely Elizabeth

TJ Waldorf
Vice President, Marketing and Customer Success