Schnucks Supplier Webinar | June 2023

Schnucks Supplier Webinar | June 2023

Learn the Best Way to Share Product Content with Schnucks


In this webinar, we covered an overview of Schnucks’ request for product content and why sharing your content with them in a more automated method is preferred. 

Ensuring that items are up to date throughout the product life cycle is important to the Schnucks team. They will continue to use the content provided in their brick-and-mortar format as well as their digital channels to ensure a consistent and seamless omnichannel experience for their shoppers.

We also discussed the importance of providing additional content such as photo images, and how this can help you to ensure that you are sharing consistent, cohesive and accurate images that meet industry standards.

As their online and e-commerce features continue to expand, Schnucks would like to receive your product images to feature your items most effectively in-store, online, and across all vehicles where they are featured in today’s omnichannel marketplace. 

We shared supplier resources, along with a detailed Q&A session that addresses many questions in regards to how this may differ or align with content they are already sharing with other retailers in today’s marketplace.

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