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Performance Reporting And Ecommerce Analytics Tools To Optimize Your Digital Shelf

Gain a direct, real-time view of your product content and performance for each of your trading partners.

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Reporting solutions that deliver the insights to grow your success

Customized data quality reports

Assess the quality of your content based on a specified subset of your assets.

Content health reporting

Understand how your content performs for your trading partners.

Customer engagement

Turn metrics for product reviews and ratings into plans for customer engagement.

Availability reporting

Get real-time reporting on out-of-stock alerts and item rankings.

Performance reporting and content health with actionable insights

Together with its partners, 1WorldSync provides a full suite of content quality and performance reporting solutions. Monitor, see rankings and outstanding issues with the product content you are sharing with your trading partners and get real-time reporting to take action.

Receive a Content Quality Rating (CQR) based on a 100-point scale:

  • Relative to retailer functionality and priority
  • Focus on titles, descriptions, enhanced content, images, videos, ratings/reviews and questions

We provide item-level recommendations and actionable insights.

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Customer Engagement

Understanding and communicating with your customers is vital. Many retailers expect brands and manufacturers to monitor consumer questions and answer their outstanding questions regarding your products.

We can provide:

  • Portfolio review count and rating trends
  • Recaps of consumer questions without a response
  • Tracking for customer engagement over time to understand critical trends
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Pricing and Offers Reporting

Who is selling your product that isn’t approved by your organization to do so? Similar to having the proper infrastructure in place to maintain product content, the right reporting and analysis can provide transparency into product distribution and sale to consumers.

Take advantage of insights and reporting around:

  • Buy-box ownership lost or won
  • Third-party seller recap
  • Price comparisons
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Availability Reporting

Understanding your inventory levels with your trading partners is critical to your revenue goals. Our quality and performance solutions provide insights into your inventory standings with your trading partners. 

  • Receive real-time in stock and out-of-stock alerts to ensure efficient inventory management, and alert consumers when their favorite items are available again.

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