Powering E-Commerce Sites With Comprehensive Product Information

Convert non-standardized product information from multiple sources into consistent content that lays the foundation for retail and distributor websites.

Easy Access to Relevant, Technical & Structured E-Commerce Data

Powered by our DataSource service and technology, we transform brand product attribution into consistent, accurate and well-structured content, enabling better site navigation and search query results on your product pages.

With over 50 supported product categories, this enhanced online experience empowers your customers to discover the right products through simplified search, product comparisons and related products.

Through our automated delivery capabilities, connecting content between brands and retailers has never been easier. Coupled with flexible syndication options, DataSource allows you to share content in the format of your choice.


Let 1WorldSync DataSource Do The Heavy Lifting

Improve speed to market for your products and provide a frictionless customer experience for your technical products.

Reduce Internal Costs

Remove the cost of in-house development of product catalog content and maintenance of SKUs and redeploy resources to support your areas of core competency and differentiation.

Increase Sales

Become your customers’ first and only destination for product information.

Drive Business

Empower customer service and inside sales teams to drive business instead of answering routine questions around product specs and attributes.

Gain Customer Loyalty

Simplify access to the right product information with easier searches and product comparisons of products.


Validate Information Across Any Standard

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