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Dot Foods | Anchovi

Dot Foods | Anchovi

Anchovi GDSN Goals


Anchovi will leverage your GDSN content to feed our Food Operating System, the most comprehensive and precise set of unified machine and AI products in the food service industry, allowing our customers to make food better. See our supplier announcement document outlining more details on our request.

Supplier Benefits


In today’s competitive and fast-paced e-commerce driven environment, providing your product content and specifications via the GDSN ensures that your products are being fully represented for optimal food service operations.

Steps To Publish Your Product Content To Us:

    • Complete and submit the Anchovi Trading Partner Form (On this page)
    • If you are a current GDSN subscriber, complete these steps:
      • Review the Anchovi Implementation Guide on how to synchronize your item information with us.
      • Begin publishing your GDSN content to the Anchovi GLN – “Morsum LLC” GLN: 0684476691483
      • Note: This GLN shows as belonging to Dot Foods via the GS1 US GEPIR registry – The GLN will show as Morsum, LLC in data sync solutions / data pools. Morsum is the company that provides the Anchovi platform, and is a subsidiary of Dot Foods, Inc.
    • If you are new to GDSN or need assistance loading your item data, 1WorldSync can help:
      • Contact 1WorldSync to learn more about services and trainings available to assist you in your product content management strategy:


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