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About ePallet

ePallet is the first eCommerce marketplace platform designed specifically for bulk, B2B wholesale transactions. We have built a strategic marketplace that gives control to the buyers and sellers.

The ePallet mission is to empower manufacturers and customers to take control of their supply chain by making it easy to transact directly. We’re calling it FaaST – Fulfillment as a Service Technology.

As consumers, we’ve all adopted the luxury of being able to get anything we want whenever we want because of eCommerce. ePallet believes it’s time the wholesale industry benefits from the same modernization.


Supply Chain & eCommerce Opportunities with GDSN

ePallet is a proud member of the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and has recently partnered with 1WorldSync to ensure our suppliers have the ability to streamline their item setup and maintenance with ePallet by leveraging their GDSN data. ePallet will directly ingest your GDSN product information to your ePallet Vendor Portal, both simplifying and accelerating your item setup and maintenance with ePallet. We all know how vital up to date product information is for both supply chain logistics and purchasing decisions. Take control of your sales today and learn how to publish your GDSN product data to ePallet by reviewing the Implementation Guide on this page.


GDSN Quick Guide

  • Fill out the ePallet Trading Partner Form below
  • Review the ePallet Implementation Guide and Attribute Guide
  • Publish your Product Content to the ePallet GLN 0860005604203


Image Requirements

Product Digital Image Standards:

  • Vendors must provide a digital product image for each product
  • All images must be photos (preferable in color), not drawings or artwork
  • No watermarks or signatures
  • Full product must be in the frame
  • Product should fill 90% of the image frame
  • Backgrounds must be white (RGB 255) or transparent
  • No additional text, graphics or inset images
  • Upload images that showcase your product (back/side of packages, out of the box…)


Digital Product Image File Requirements:

  • Allowed types: PNG, JPEG, JPG. Recommended size 70 kb. Max size: 100kb


Data Sync Contacts:
1WorldSync Customer Support
+1 866.280.4013

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