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About Heartland School Solutions

Heartland School Solutions provides the K-12 industry with the cafeteria management and nutrition software to make foodservice operations more productive, efficient, and ultimately, more successful. We understand the challenges school nutrition departments face every day in the ever-changing technology landscape, and we are here to help with our expansive portfolio of innovative products.


Our school nutrition products include:

  • Free and reduced application management
  • Point of sale
  • Menu analysis
  • Digital communication
  • Ordering and inventory
  • Online meal and store payment solutions
  • Hardware
  • Installation, training, and support services

Our K-12 software products are in use in approximately 30,000 schools across the country serving more than 15 million students and staff each day. While we recognize that technology can be a powerful aid in managing operations, we believe that it is the dedication and passion of the Food Service staff that is critical to ensuring that students are fed nutritious meals. Therefore, our product development focus is to continue to add functionality that increases operational efficiency and data accuracy.


Our GDSN Initiative

We believe that our engagement in leveraging data available in the GS1 GDSN should provide the following benefits to stakeholders as follows:

K-12 Food Service Staff

  • Reduces the need for manual data entry of manufacturers’ item information which frees up staff resource time
  • Increases visibility to the catalog of products they can purchase which provides them more options for how they plan their menus
  • Increasing the accuracy of valuable data points supports regulatory compliance of K-12 nutrition standards
  • Improves visibility to food allergens and/or recalled foods in a timely manner to prevent students from potential illness
  • Reduces the initial data-entry burden when starting out with a Heartland product which can help reduce labor costs and allow usage of our products sooner


  • Provides an opportunity to raise visibility to the catalog of products they make available to the large set of K-12 schools that use Heartland products and may result in an increase of sales
  • Provides an efficient way to communicate food allergens and/or recalled foods in a timely manner may reduce liability
  • Improves the accuracy of item orders which may reduce friction during the ordering workflow


Steps to Participate

  • Fill out the Heartland School Solutions Trading Partner Form (see below)
  • Review the Heartland Implementation Guide and Attribute Guide
  • Publish your Product Content to the Heartland Payment Systems GLN: 0860009811508



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