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IBI Data

GDSN® Initiative

IBI Data creates and executes customized, integrated sales and marketing programs that meet our clients’ objectives, drive sales, and help deliver cost effective and profitable results.

We joined GDSN to synchronize product data from our brand partners. This will allow us to have access to the most updated and accurate product data.

To get started synchronizing your product data with IBI Data review the documents on this page and fill out our Trading Partner Form below today!

Suppliers Needing Assistance:

For questions related to GDSN data pool services, contact the 1WorldSync business team at 866.280.4013.

Additional support resources:

  • 1WorldSync Help Desk – If you or anyone from your team needs assistance with publishing your items you can contact the 1WorldSync Help Desk team at 1-866-280-4013 (Option #2) or
  • 1WorldSync Community – Platform for education, post questions, interactive support, peer-to-peer collaboration and technology updates.


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