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GDSN® Initiative


Meijer is undertaking a data quality initiative which aims to enhance the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and consistency of product data and processes. Meijer has decided to receive product data via the Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®). This will allow Meijer to receive standard, validated vendor data while enabling Meijer vendors to leverage their existing investment in GDSN ®. Meijer has partnered with 1WorldSync to help successfully implement its data synchronization initiatives to:

  • Reduce hand keying for creating new products
  • Make updates to current products easier to maintain
  • Provide accurate information and measurements to all business areas
  • Facilitate faster launch of new products
  • Increase the efficiency of businesses

If you are interested in synchronizing product information with Meijer, please complete the Meijer Trading Partner Form, as Meijer will be following a phased approach to synchronizing with their merchandising vendors.


Supplier Resources

  • Contact Meijer –
  • 1WorldSync: 866-280-4013 or
  • 1WorldSync Business Development (setup): 866-280-4013 or
  • 1WorldSync Community – Platform for education, post questions, interactive support, peer-to-peer collaboration and technology updates.
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