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About ServiceNow

ServiceNow helps digitize and unify organizations so that they can find smarter, faster, better ways to make work flow.  Founded in 2003 on a simple premise: a better technology platform will help workflow better. We help global enterprises across industries, universities, and governments to digitize their workflows. Our technology platform, which we refer to as the Now Platform, enables us to connect systems, silos, departments and processes with digital workflows that are simple and easy to use.


The ServiceNow Enterprise Asset Management solution is specifically designed to track and manage the full asset lifecycle including optimizing the performance of connected and non-connected physical business assets. A key feature of this software is to provide asset managers with normalized product model data including model names, part numbers, model lifecycle data, product images, and other key product attributes. This also allows for the tracking of serialized assets and consumables to optimize inventory levels.



Having access to accurate and detailed product information manufacturers and suppliers is key to the success of our platform. In making product information visible to organizations that utilize the ServiceNow platform you can see the following benefits:

  • Improve user experience with accurate and authentic content
  • Reduction in supply chain errors due to incorrect product data
  • Tracking of serialized assets and consumables to optimize inventory levels
  • Quickly and efficiently exchange valuable data that is accurate and compliant with GS1 standards


Steps to Participate

  • Fill out the ServiceNow Trading Partner Form (see below)
  • Review the ServiceNow Implementation Guide
  • Publish your Product Content to the ServiceNow GLN 0860009591400

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