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Sifter is a front-end platform that operates across Grocery, Mass, Drug, Value and Club channels. Sifter technology provides brand-level product attribution data, allowing shoppers to discover, explore and buy food products that fit their personal lifestyle and dietary health & wellness preferences. Sifter was created by the founders of Peapod.


What does this mean for your brands?

  • Increase brand sales by being discovered through Health & Wellness dietary searches on participating retailers sites and on Sifter’s national site.
  • Increase your SEO ranking on internet searches through Sifter’s proprietary product SiftTags.
  • Attract new shoppers by aligning with current trends.


How to Participate:

  • Fill out the Sifter Trading Partner Form (Scroll to the bottom of this page)
  • Review our Implementation Guide (Under Key Documents on the left of this page)
  • Publish your GDSN product content to Sifter Production GLN: 0860004882602

Data Sync Contact:
1WorldSync Customer Support
+1 866.280.4013

Sifter Contact:
Jon Wilson

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