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K-12 operators have struggled for years building and then trying to maintain integrated supply chain technology. On paper, integrated systems make sense, reaching from the point of sale to procurement, menu planning and recipes, production and inventory, to financials and state agency reporting. The needs of this ecosystem extend to include many supply chain stakeholders like distributors and manufacturers and even local small businesses such as dairies, bakeries, and produce suppliers 

Participants at the 2017 Nourish to Flourish Industry Summit identified the problem and the urgent need for open data standards using GDSN® was suggested as a solution at that time.

Five years of multi-stakeholder collaboration has resulted in an industry wide consensus for those standards. They were then applied to build a single Nourish to Flourish Database with over 185,000 unique products from hundreds of K-12 food and non-food brands.

Using GDSN standardized data resource as a core, stakeholders can build, share, and analyze quality data within school districts and across peer defined districts statewide and nationally. The unified database design combines sources from “silo” databases, by sharing common links to a full set of attributes for hundreds of K-12 Brands. However, data from other sources including FoodData Central, USDA Food Buying Guide, even USDA Brown Box and Processed USDA Foods are also included, most of these sources having already adopted most or all the same data standards.

Join the Community of K-12 Suppliers

K-12 suppliers are provided with free access to publish their product data directly into the Nourish to Flourish database for easy access by menu planners. Syncing data twice per week ensures that customers are receiving the most current data in a standardized format to help ensure accuracy in making operational decisions.

Suppliers also have the option to promote their products to K-12 menu planners, with their recipes, using sponsored searches and the inclusion of brand logos within the application. inTEAM also provides consulting service to assist with data quality, building recipes, etc.   

Suppliers who are currently utilizing a GDSN certified data pool can publish to the data base with two simple steps:

  1. Click the Join Now! K-12 Supplier Partner Form above to register as a Trading Partner with N2F;
  2. Publish your product information to the Nourish to Flourish GLN 0860206001702

*If you are K-12 Supplier not currently participating in the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and would like to get started, please reach out or call 1WorldSync at +1 866.280.4013

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