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Nourish to Flourish Data Sharing & Analytics Initiative

Nourish to Flourish Data Sharing & Analytics Initiative

The Nourish to Flourish journey began at an industry-wide summit in 2017 with the objective of integrating Global Data Synchronization Network® (GDSN®) standards into software utilized by K12 Child Nutrition programs.  As a result of this collaboration with stakeholders, the Nourish to Flourish Database now contains approximately ~200K unique base GTINs used by K-12 programs.

GDSN Connect  provides School Nutrition Program Directors and Menu Planners full access and search capability over a large, unified database containing the essential item attributes required to meet regulatory requirements and to qualify for reimbursements for school meals.

Through this collaboration, data exchanges are now supported by the six major K-12 software companies, allowing users to electronically publish the items they are using directly in to their local database and managed by existing software.  This significantly expands the reach for our Trading Partners, who can now effectively reach the large K-12 market with current and accurate product data by publishing to the Nourish to Flourish database.

One example if the use of the value of GDSN integration is demonstrated by the collaboration between inTEAM and Texas Region 10 ESC MRPC.   Keri Warnick, Program Coordinator for MPRC, has developed and has now implemented a new paradigm,  Keri’s effort to streamline K-12 procurement as described in this case study:  Texas Region 10 ESC MRPC Case Study.

There is no cost to publish but there are optional marketing tools available.  Contact us for more information and begin publishing now.

Join the Community of K-12 Suppliers

K-12 suppliers are provided with free access to publish their product data directly into the Nourish to Flourish database for easy access by menu planners. Syncing data twice per week ensures that customers are receiving the most current data in a standardized format to help ensure accuracy in making operational decisions.

Suppliers also have the option to promote their products to K-12 menu planners, with their recipes, using sponsored searches and the inclusion of brand logos within the application. inTEAM also provides consulting service to assist with data quality, building recipes, etc.



Suppliers who are currently utilizing a GDSN certified data pool can publish to the data base with two simple steps:

*If you are K-12 Supplier not currently participating in the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and would like to get started, please reach out or call 1WorldSync at +1 866.280.4013

Data Sync Contacts:

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