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ChannelSupply Program

Increase sales by publishing your product catalog, offering real-time pricing and availability information, and receiving electronic orders in a controlled, cost-effective manner that makes it easier for both you and your customers to conduct business.

Enjoy Distributor, Supplier or Direct Vendor Integration With ChannelOnline

ChannelSupply provides an effective electronic interface between suppliers and their small- and medium-size VAR customers, with the following benefits:

  • Reduce costs: Lower the cost of doing business with small- and medium-size VARs
  • Augment visibility: Higher mind share on a platform used daily by thousands of sales reps to research products
  • Increase revenues: Make it easier for VARs to order from you by integrating your ordering system into their chosen business solution (Premium-level integration)
  • Grow margins: Refocus your sales efforts on high-margin businesses
  • Decrease marketing efforts: Cut recruitment and promotional activity and costs

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