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Item Management


Last Updated: October, 2021

This Product Description describes the functionality and usage requirements to provide Client with the 1WorldSync Item Management Platform and is effective as of the date shown above. This Product Description forms part of the Contract to provide Client with the Item Management Platform. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the definitions assigned to them in the Agreement between 1WS and Client.

1. Services

The 1WorldSync Item Management Platform offers subscribers the ability to manage and synchronize accurate product content with a wide array of supplier and recipient trading partners. The Item Management Platform employs individual Connectors to deliver product content through recipient accepted methodologies to meet supplier and recipient product content needs. The Item Management Platform includes access to web-based and machine-to-machine interfaces that allows Client to synchronize product content with other trading partners. In addition, validations are applied to submitted attributes to help ensure completeness and consistency of the data that is shared by trading partners.

The Item Management Platform offers the ability to capture, manage and store product content, as well as to collaborate with other 1WorldSync community members to perform validations of the product content using rules defined by those recipients, and distribute the product content to those recipients. In addition, the Item Management Platform performs functions such as to allow data to be presented to recipients in a more user-friendly environment, or to allow data to be displayed on other websites with minimal effort.

If Client’s subscription to the Item Management Platform is purchased subject to SKU limitations, then Client acknowledges and agrees that any use of the Item Management Platform in excess of the number of SKUs specified in the Contract may result in additional charges, and Client agrees to notify 1WorldSync of its request to expand Client’s use of the Item Management Platform to include additional SKUs, and to pay any such additional charges invoiced by 1WorldSync.

2. Implementation Options

1WorldSync offers two (2) implementation options to implement the Item Management Platform, as further described below.

  • Onboard Support through 1WorldSync. With the Onboard Support option, Client will receive technical assistance to help Client prepare and synchronize its product content. This option includes preparation, testing and assistance, including the setup process, and is driven by 1WorldSync support staff. Choosing the Onboard Support option provides the greatest assurance that product content will be formatted and prepared properly, so that Client can quickly start complying with its trading partners’ requirements and begin realizing the business benefits of data synchronization.
  • Implementation with a Certified Solution Partner. Client may choose a Certified Solution Partner of 1WorldSync to assist with managing its data synchronization initiative. Certified Solution Partners provide products and/or services to assist Client in achieving successful data synchronization implementation. All Certified Solution Partners have been certified as having met 1WorldSync’s requirements for accessing the 1WorldSync System. Please contact 1WorldSync at 1-866-280-4013 to obtain a list of Certified Solution Partners.

3. Requirements

In order to use the Item Management Platform, Client must have correctly adopted the applicable validations, product identification and attribute standards for the chosen Connectors. Client is strongly advised to review the applicable documentation for Client’s selected Connectors and Client’s data recipients on the preparation of product content to be published to them.

4. Data Entry

The Item Management Platform requires that Client provides its content via the web interface provided as part of the 1WorldSync System or via a single node (such as connection via AS2) as described further below. If Client desires to provide its data through multiple nodes or AS2 connections, Client will be required to contract and pay for additional Professional Services. Upon Client’s request, 1WorldSync will provide Client with a custom quote and Statement of Work for such Professional Services. If Client desires 1WorldSync to enter or assist with entering this product content into the 1WorldSync System, Client may purchase Data Loading and Maintenance (DLM+) Services from 1WorldSync. The Item Management Platform does not include these or any other 1WorldSync products or services unless they are separately contracted and paid for by Client.

  • Quick Connect/Spreadsheet Upload Users must use the 1WorldSync spreadsheet that is provided by 1WorldSync. Users of Quick Connect must not modify the functionality of the 1WorldSync spreadsheet.
  • Data Distribution Product content is shared with recipients by a variety of mechanisms, based on recipient specific requirements of the GDSN Connector. These mechanisms may include, for example, AS2, HTTPS, UI File Downloads, SFTP and other means of electronic transmission of data.
  • AS2 Users using the Applicability Statement 2 “AS2” standard for communications must adhere to the following rules:
    • Multiple, simultaneous (close in time) business transactions for a given company must be sent via batch messages and not in multiple, individual messages. The maximum number of documents allowed in a single XML message is 1000. Sending XML messages of a specific type (for example, Catalog Request) must not be any more frequent than once every 5 minutes unless the message contains at least 1000 documents.
    • The “listener” endpoint must be running during processing of messages until all transactions are processed and reconciled. (The AS2 “listener” is the client-side software/routine that waits for the response message and prevents inadvertent Denial of Service attacks that may result in deactivation.)
    • Users must provide around the clock (24 x 7) technical phone contact
    • Users must use an AS2 solution that is certified by DGI (Drummond Group Inc.)
    • No more than 10 concurrent connections are allowed.
    • Must be able to use publicly available hostnames (not IP addresses).
    • When sending an asynchronous message and receive a HTTP 200 response but no MDN, wait at least an hour to retry sending the message again. The number of retries should be limited to 3.
    • The maximum file size or XML message size is 75MB.

5. Support

Technical Call Center. 1WorldSync provides technical support for data loading issues, error-management and transactional functions not available externally at 1-866-280-4013 or via email at

Administrative and Billing Support. For administrative and billing issues, please contact 1WorldSync customer support at 1-866-280-4013 or at

Online Documentation and Reference. All 1WorldSync customers receive access to 1WorldSync’s proprietary online reference library, known as the 1WorldSync Solution Center. Access is limited to individuals who have been registered by 1WorldSync as authorized users of the 1WorldSync System. The 1WorldSync Solution Center can be found on the 1WorldSync website at

6. Training

Client will receive access to 1WorldSync-sponsored web seminars that provide basic training on the 1WorldSync System. Client will also be assigned a 1WorldSync Onboarding Analyst (OA) for a minimum period of 30 days and up to a maximum of 90 days based on Client’s annual subscription with 1WorldSync. The assigned OA will be the Client’s single point of contact for the assigned duration, as you become acquainted with the 1WorldSync System. Client will have access to the 1WorldSync Solution Center and Community site where Client can access training and reference documentation. Additionally, companies may separately pay for and attend 1WorldSync’s Essentials LIVE training classes for more hands-on training.

7. Test Environment

Client will receive access to 1WorldSync System test environment as needed in accordance with its usage of the 1WorldSync System to send data to other trading partners via GDSN Connectors.

8. Community Updates

Client is entitled to receive relevant community updates and other newsletter publications as offered by 1WorldSync.