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Content Recipient Solutions

1WorldSync reduces the cost of implementing and maintaining data quality through a Product Information Management system that establishes product information validation, syndication and trust.

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No matter where you conduct business, trusted content matters

A single source of trusted content

Streamline your master data management with the world’s largest data pool.

Custom + community playlists

Share your requirements with your supplier community to ensure data meets your internal requirements.

Content readiness

Manage and track publication against your product requirements in an easy-to-view dashboard.

Support + training

We will mobilize your supplier community through ongoing communication, education and training.

Your all-in-one content recipient solution

Accurate product content is a high-stakes proposition — and one that’s more complex than ever before. Receiving brand-verified product content from your supplier community is critical to the success of your organization.

At 1WorldSync, we’ve fine-tuned and safeguarded the product information management process to give you ultimate ease of use and peace of mind.

Our tools allow you to:

  • Monitor all of your trading partners in one platform
  • Trust your supplier community understands your recipient specific requirements through custom playlists within Item Management
  • Discover new products to add to your product assortments for in-store and online fulfillment
  • Communicate directly with your suppliers to resolve any issues with product content being syndicated
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Reduce inefficiencies

Reduce time spent managing supplier item setup. 1WorldSync streamlines the item setup process for all of your trading partners ensuring the product content you receive is brand verified and trusted.

Reduce inefficiencies and errors in consumption of critical product content required to stock your shelves in-store and online.

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Access + security in one place

Decrease manual entry and improve data quality through real-time validations. Real-time validations alert your suppliers of data quality issues before it is syndicated to you — providing a single pipe of brand verified and validated content ready to use in-store and online.

Suppliers can easily view any issues with their data being sent to you via the Content Readiness dashboard.

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Increase speed to market

Through the streamlined item setup process and supplier community onboarding, decrease the time it takes to bring your items into your brick and mortar and online stores.

Confidently receive your product information from your suppliers and decrease inefficiencies in supply chain data that avoids issues with fulfillment, warehousing and stocking items.

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Reduce costs

Reduce costs of managing product content from multiple sources by providing a single source of brand verified inbound content. Managing disparate systems can lead to critical errors in your inbound product data.

Simplify such challenges with solutions that increase productivity and get your products to market faster — and improve relationships with your trading partners.

Product information management with Data Sync Direct

Utilize our 1WorldSync integrated product information management (PIM) tool to complete your full item set-up needs. Data Sync Direct allows your organization to operationalize large volumes of inbound product information through providing:

  • Configurable workflows that allow you to guide incoming content to the right department  
  • Seamless integration to 1WorldSync Item Management allows you to easily communicate with thousands of vendors in standard GDSN feedback
  • Endless ability to add internal data fields for your organization to complete item profiles by combining proprietary information with incoming supplier product information
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