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Ace Hardware Introduces the Product Sync Program

One of the things that makes Ace Hardware stores unique is the assortment of products that they sell. As more people shift to online shopping, we know how critical it is to provide our stores the ability to sell locally sourced items online. The Product Sync program gives Ace retailers the ability to list their locally sourced items for sale online at for the stores that stock your products.

Ace Hardware Corporation (“Ace”) is asking vendor manufacturers and suppliers currently selling products directly to Ace stores, not available in the Ace Hardware product catalog, to make their product information available within the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and then to Ace.  To enable Ace stores to showcase your products online the content must originate via the GDSN.  Accurate and detailed product information online will help consumers make purchase decisions and drive product sales.

The Product Sync program does not supersede any agreement you currently have with Ace Hardware Corporation or any Ace retailers directly.

How to Get Started

Ace Hardware is partnering with 1WorldSync to work with vendors to capture product content through the GDSN.

NOTE: It is important to know that there are categories of products that are restricted for listing online, at this time. Be sure to review our restricted category list before proceeding with submitting content. Please refer to the Ace Hardware Restricted Items document.

Onboarding Steps:

  1. Ace Vendor Participation Document: All vendors invited to participate in this program, must complete the Ace Vendor Participation Document prior to synchronizing their product content via the GDSN.  The link to the agreement will be sent in an email to vendors by 1WorldSync.
    1. If you have not received an agreement or have general questions, contact:
  2. Product Content Synchronization: Once the Ace Hardware Vendor Participation Document is approved by Ace Hardware, you will be contacted by 1WorldSync to begin onboarding the product content. This can be done by you, a vendor manufacturer/supplier that may already have information loaded or through one of the services 1WorldSync offers. Learn more about the Fast Track program
    1. Existing GDSN vendors will receive a subscription request by Ace Hardware, and you can work to submit all requested data to Ace Hardware GLN 0082901000006.
  3. Compliance Data: After the required product content has been submitted through 1WorldSync, you will receive an email from Ace Hardware with a link to upload the product compliance attributes for those products.
  4. Retailer Match: Once the product data is completed, it is incumbent on the Ace retailers you sell to, to match your product within the Ace Product Sync application and make it available online.

Note: If you have a relationship with the Ace store(s) currently purchasing the product(s) you may contact them and advise them the item has been added to the catalog.

Ace Hardware reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse any vendor’s request for participation in the program or refuse the listing of any product on its website.

Ace Hardware Vendor Care Center

For any questions related to the Ace Vendor Agreement, contact the Ace Vendor Care Center at:


Call: 1-630-990-2777

• Hours: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM ET Mon-Fri

1WorldSync Contacts

For 1WorldSync support (issues with logging in, site issues, questions), contact the 1WorldSync Customer Support at:


Call: 1-866-280-4013

• Hours: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET Mon-Fri

Are you already a 1WorldSync customer looking to synchronize your content with Ace Hardware?  Access the 1WorldSync customer Community platform to post questions to your peers and our support teams, explore training opportunities, learn about technology updates, and more. As a 1WorldSync customer, you have free access to the community platform using your existing login credentials.