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About Aramark

We are a leading global provider of food, facilities and uniform services to education, healthcare, business and industry, and sports, leisure and corrections clients. Our core market is North America, which is supplemented by an additional 20-country footprint serving many of the fastest-growing global geographies.

Through our established brand, broad geographic presence and approximately 280,000 employees, we anchor our business in our partnerships with thousands of clients. Through these partnerships, we serve millions of consumers including students, patients, employees, sports fans and guests worldwide.

GDSN Initiative

We are excited to announce that Aramark is now partnered with 1WorldSync to implement and leverage the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) for the exchange of product information. Through this new partnership, we will be able to expand our strategic initiative for Data Harmonization to integrate and enrich Product Master data across our various Buy, Make and Sell systems.

Gaining access to standardized content via 1WorldSync will be the backbone of our master data system going forward and allows Aramark to improve in the following ways:

  • Access industry certified data for key product information and utilize standardized, certified GS1 data (ex. Brand, Manufacturer, Category, Description, Pack Size)
  • Enrich product master data with GS1 specific attributes (Allergens, Nutritionals, Images, POS Barcodes)
  • Automate key areas of our mastering processes
  • Enable the launch of e-commerce platform

Benefits for our suppliers include:

  • Improved accuracy of your supplier product information per your standardized GS1 attribution across Aramark’s systems that are viewed by thousands of Aramark users
  • Less manual outreach from multiple Aramark teams to get product specifications and information
  • Better attribution will elevate your products and enable ease of use for Aramark users versus suppliers that do not provide comprehensive GS1 data


Steps to Participate:

  1. Fill out the Aramark Trading Partner Form (see below)
  2. Review the Aramark Implementation Guide and Attribute Requirements
  3. Publish your Product Content to the Aramark GLN 0861074000200


Aramark Master Data Team –

1WorldSync Customer Support
+1 866.280.4013

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