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Dot Foods, Inc.

Dot Foods, Inc.

GDSN® Initiative

Dot Foods, Inc. is a founding member of the Foodservice GS1 US Standards initiative which facilitates GS1 Standards adoption for complete and accurate product information. This mission will be accomplished through voluntary individual company adoption and implementation of GS1 Standards by foodservice manufacturers, distributors, and operators.

How is Dot Foods using your product data?

Dot Foods is actively synchronizing item information with over 375 suppliers. Dot has synchronized over 74,000 items (primarily cases) and has received over 314,000 GTINs through the Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®). Core attributes are fully integrated with Dot’s systems and includes new items, item changes, and updates to the Dot item file. M&N (images, marketing, nutritionals, etc…) information is fully integrated and displayed within the Dot Expressway. Dot currently receives M&N attributes for over 57,000 items via GDSN®. Dot is actively synchronizing item information with 24 distributor customers and is continuing supplier roll-out to non-GDSN® suppliers.

Dot Foods is the first company to synchronize data via the Global Data Synchronization Network™ in the Foodservice Industry.

Learn more by visiting the GS1 US Foodservice Initiative’s website.


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