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Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle Joins 1WorldSync!

Giant Eagle has proudly served our communities with modern and innovative ways for the last 80 years. As a part of our current business strategy, we are streamlining our product information processes by implementing a new company wide ERP system to host information that will support various aspects of our business operations including product information.

Joining Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) in partnership with 1WorldSync, will enable us to receive product information such as case pack GTINs, packaging hierarchy and other core product content for our full current assortment.

What does this mean to our vendor community?

  • Submit item information required for existing assortment via an automated platform
  • Manage and update your existing item information to keep it fresh in Giant Eagle systems
  • Validate item information against industry standards and Giant Eagle specific attribute requirements
  • Streamline distribution of their product content to Giant Eagle as well as other customers

Get Started Today!

New to GDSN or Have Questions?

That’s OK! 1WorldSync is here to help existing and new to GDSN suppliers meet Giant Eagle’s requirements and best represent your brand to all of your trading partners, globally.

If you don’t currently have a GS1 Company Prefix, GDSN services, or aren’t even sure what those are, simply call 1WorldSync. They are a leading service provider in this field. Please reach out to 1WorldSync at or call 866.280.4013.

Who to Contact?

Giant Eagle:

Philip Russo – Manager, Enterprise Data Governance & Catalog
IT Data & Analytics

1WorldSync Customer Support:
+1 866.280.4013

Giant Eagle
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