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Enrich your product pages with content that sells.

Grand & Toy has partnered with 1WorldSync Content Solutions for syndicating Structured and enhanced content for product pages on

Structured Content

Structured Content includes product specifications and attributes, images, key selling points, feature bullets, warranty and safety information, user manuals, what’s in the box, and other information needed by the consumer to search, compare, and understand what the product is and does.

Premium Content

Premium Content includes unique product descriptions and marketing text that are keyword-enriched and discoverable by search engines.

Rich Content

Rich Content consists of enriched marketing assets designed to digitally merchandise your product and entice the consumer to buy.

  • Interactive Hotspots
  • Image Zoom
  • Videos
  • 360° Product Views
  • Featured Spotlights
  • Detailed Reporting

Choose Self-Service or use 1WorldSync’s Concierge Content Service.

Our standard offering includes access to our Brand Content Portal for you to easily self-serve and build out the syndicated rich content experience you prefer.

If you are short on time and resources, we can create rich content for you via our Concierge Content Service. We’ll take your creative assets and turn them into captivating interactive experiences to drive sales on Grand and Toy. Your choice. We’re happy to help.

Help ensure your Grand & Toy Structured Content is accurate and complete

As Structured Content provider, we need your help to ensure your products go live with complete and accurate content in a timely manner. We make it easy. Simply respond to our 1WorldSync Requests for missing information through our easy to use PartnerAccess solution.

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