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Kroger Company: User Guides

Kroger Company: User Guides

Getting Started – User Reference Guides & Education Materials

Access our full library of education and training materials through the 1WorldSync Community! To view the materials listed below check out the Kroger area once you are logged in.

  • Getting Started with VIP Overview with VIP
  • Quick Sheets for Non-GDSN VIP
  • Quick Sheets for GDSN VIP
  • Quick Sheets Overview of VIP
  • Quick Sheets for Non-GDSN Spreadsheet Data Loader
  • Quick Sheets for GDSN Spreadsheet Data Loader
  • VIP Queues and Status
  • SDL Hierarchy Tab Overview
  • Reference Manual for GDSN IP
  • Reference Manual for Non GDSN IP
  • VIP Valid Values Reference
  • Attribute Sheet
  • Image Requirements

For assistance logging into the 1WorldSync Community, contact the 1WorldSync Service Desk at or 1-866-280-4013.


Kroger Item MDM/VIP

For Kroger VIP Item Submission (errors occurring once in VIP and cannot resolve) contact the Kroger Supplier Engagement Group (SEG) at or 1-844-277-6165 (US) or +011 513-387-1140, Option 1 (International).

  • Hours: 8:00AM to 6:00PM ET Mon-Fri


For 1Worldsync support (issues with logging in, site issues), contact the 1WorldSync Service Desk at or 1-866-280-4013.

  • Hours: 8:00AM to 8:00PM ET Mon-Fri