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Schnuck Markets, Inc.

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Teammates of Schnuck Markets, Inc. have been serving customers a unique combination of quality food, variety and value for more than seven decades. Our continuous success has occurred over three generations of family ownership and is built upon a foundation and recognition that our customers are our reason for being. In this spirit we continue our innovative approach to better shape our customers’ needs and their buying experience.

Accurate and complete product information sent through the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) enables better order, sales and delivery engagement across our supply chain. This leads to greater exposure of your products to our customers, improved inventory planning and management capabilities to ensure product availability in-store. It drives valuable transparency empowering customers to make informed purchasing decisions. Schnuck Markets, Inc. has partnered with 1WorldSync as our GDSN-certified data pool of choice, to implement our product information initiatives.

Please get started today by discovering more about Schnucks’ product information requirements through the materials on this page and complete our Trading Partner Form located below! We’ve developed the documentation materials available on this page, in addition to the support resources listed below:

  • 1WorldSync Help Desk – If you or anyone from your team needs assistance with publishing your items you can contact the 1WorldSync Help Desk team at 1-866-280-4013 (Option #2) or
  • 1WorldSync Community – Platform for education, post questions, interactive support, peer-to-peer collaboration and technology updates.



Schnuck Markets, Inc.
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