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Who is SmarterX

SmarterX, an Austin-based, venture-backed, GreenTech company, uses machine learning to automate product classifications. We work with some of the nation’s largest retailers to classify products for waste and transportation.

These transportation and waste classifications are required to move products through the supply chain and beyond it. By automating the creation of these classifications, SmarterX increases transparency, improves communication between retailers and suppliers, and gets products onto shelves faster. Suppliers also save money by avoiding incorrect product classifications that result in wasted product and retailer chargebacks.

By publishing your GDSN item content to us you could potentially unlock efficiencies in working with our large retail clients.


Providing GDSN Item Content to SmarterX

With minimal data and minimal time, SmarterX can provide transportation (DOT, IMDG, and IATA) and waste (RCRA and state-level waste) classifications for your products. SmarterX will help you if you don’t have transportation and waste classifications, or if you do, SmarterX will verify your existing classifications to ensure they’re accurate.

To receive a SmarterX classification, simply publish your 1WorldSync data to us. At this time SmarterX is encouraging suppliers to send their item content as is and SmarterX will work through any further attribution required with you directly. Below are the attributes SmarterX is looking for, but not required for the initial publication.

  • Product Name
  • Brand Name
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • Intended Use
  • Form
  • Safety Data Sheet (if applicable)
  • Ingredients List (as it appears on label)
  • Label image(s) (if applicable)

Additionally, if you’d like SmarterX to identify any potential Limited Quantity Exceptions or any other potential exceptions, you can provide product packaging and shipping information, which consists of:

  • Item Weight
  • Item Volume (if liquid)
  • Package Shape
  • Package Material
  • Package Type
  • Package Dimension
  • Package Weight


Getting Your Item Classification

Once you’ve submitted your data, SmarterX will classify your product(s) within 7 business days. Once classified, you’ll be able to view your product classifications in the SmarterX Classification Portal.

Here’s how you’d see data for a non-regulated product.

Here you can see basic product information (obfuscated for confidentiality) and that the product is not regulated for Ground, Sea, and Air transport.

Here you can see that this product doesn’t have any RCRA codes and that it has a CA state waste code, a TX state waste code, and no WA state waste code.

Here you can see basic product information (obfuscated for confidentiality) and that this product is regulated for Ground, Sea, and Air transport, and that it is Limited Quantity eligible.

Here you can see this product’s RCRA code, as well as it’s CA and TX state waste codes.


Steps to Participate

If you would like to join this initiative and your organization is currently a member of a GDSN certified data-pool*:

  • Fill out a SmarterX Trading Partner Form
  • Review the SmarterX Implementation Guide
    • Note: SmarterX is asking suppliers to publish GDSN items as is and attribution can be reviewed and worked on collaboratively 
  • Publish your GDSN Item Content to the SmarterX Production GLN 0860002031200

*If you are a supplier not currently participating in the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and would like to get started, please reach out to or call 1WorldSync at +1 866.280.4013.

Data Sync Contacts:
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