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Distribution Solutions That Put Your Content to Work

The tools and data pool access you need to create, manage and exchange accurate product content.

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“Transparency is important for Kellogg. Thanks to 1WorldSync, we can deliver product information to our customers and consumers in a reliable and useful way. We are able to engage in more meaningful conversations with our consumers and delight them with the information they desire.”

Todd Huord
Director, Global Digital Operations and Enablement, Kellogg Company


Product content management that does the heavy lifting

Digital Asset Management

Easily upload, host, manage and share your brand’s content assets, reducing digital content distribution costs while boosting conversion rates.

Content Creation Toolset

Create and manage your own images, or trust our experts to take the reins.

Content Syndication Toolset

Automated processes ensure you can easily manage your product content without quality risks.

Support + Training

We onboard your supplier communities, then serve as a continual source of support.


Your all-in-one content distribution solution

Accurate product content is a high-stakes proposition — and one that’s more complex than ever before. Retailers want more data in more formats, and they often require disparate information. It’s the same product information suppliers rely on for warehousing, shipping and other internal processes, and it can make the difference for their loyalty to your brand.

At 1WorldSync, we’ve fine-tuned and safeguarded the product information management process to give you ultimate ease of use and peace of mind. Our tools allow you to:

  • Monitor all your requests in a single place with our actionable validations, items dashboard and data accuracy scorecard visualizations
  • Identify and address issues with one click to avoid financial penalties
  • Reduce syndication costs with unlimited demand side partners
  • Maintain a consistent brand image throughout all e-commerce vendors
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Unmatched flexibility to meet global vendors’ needs

From JSON to XML to APIs and beyond, retailers’ data delivery preferences and requirements can vary significantly. Employ our our solutions for the flexibility you need to quickly and accurately match their needs. Meanwhile, our Product Information Cloud updates your content against significant releases and new regulations for complete, accurate content distribution.

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Sidestep manual processes + human error

It’s nearly impossible to ensure accuracy when vendor requirements are managed manually. Automated data syndication tools not only eliminate costly errors, they save your teams headaches and free up valuable time. Apply content rules and vendor formatting with our all-in-one Product Information Cloud, ensuring you only distribute up-to-date, brand-verified product content.

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Access + security in one place

While a wide variety of vendor partners need access to your content and data, there are far more parties who don’t. Our secure tools ensure your product information remains accurate, complete, updated and available to everyone who needs it — and protected from everyone else.

We’re committed to protecting your data from potential bad actors and helping you avoid retailer and regulatory fines, while maintaining content distribution to your trusted vendors.

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Continuous training + support

We don’t expect you to become a product information management expert overnight — or by yourself. Our community enablement team remains engaged throughout our relationship to ensure ongoing success for both content providers and recipients.

That access to information goes beyond face-to-face engagements. Your teams also benefit from digital education on niche topics, 24/7 technical support and access to the 1WorldSync knowledge base for training documentation.

Our customers, our community

Europe’s largest electronic retailer increases sales by €132M in 2021 alone with Swogo, a 1WorldSync company.

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Four-year partnership with 1WorldSync allows RxSugar®’s internal team of six to seamlessly scale operations to 25,000 retail stores.

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Parts Town and 1WorldSync’s 10-year partnership has led to 265,000 360-degree spin images and 30% conversion rates. Read this case study to learn more.

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Create a seamless, omnichannel content experience

With 1WorldSync, you’ll benefit from the trifecta of deep GDSN data pool access, our supportive teams and user communities, and straightforward tools that help you perfect your buyer experience.

Learn more about how we support your e-commerce content needs.

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