Preparing Your Product Content for the Cyber Monday Rush

November 22, 2023

Preparing Your Product Content for the Cyber Monday Rush

The holiday season has arrived. And that means shoppers are making their gift lists and checking them twice. Cyber Monday is around the corner. Is your product content ready to attract the most ready-to-buy audience of the year? 

Read on to learn how to create and distribute product content that reels in shoppers this Cyber Monday. 


 Why Cyber Monday Matters


Despite inflation expectations and tightening their metaphorical budget belts, consumers enter Cyber Week ready to spend. Deloitte’s 2023 Holiday Retail Survey found that average expected holiday spending will surpass pre-pandemic levels for the first time, with consumers spending an average of $1,652. Much of that spending will take place on Cyber Monday. 

Whether at home, around town, or at the office, shoppers will use their smartphones, tablets, and even work computers to compare prices, features, and brands. A 2023 1WorldSync study found that 96% of shoppers compare items before purchasing, and 89% shop across multiple sites. 

These behaviors are amplified further during Cyber Monday. According to Adobe Analytics, Cyber Monday spending reached $11.3 billion last year, 23.9% higher than Black Friday. If the trend continues, those numbers will be even higher in 2023. 

Cyber Monday content strategy matters. Below, we outline our top tips for ensuring your product content is ready for Cyber Monday.


Ensure Product Content Consistency


As of September 2023, 63% of consumers plan to do their holiday shopping with online-only retailers. They’ll be perusing product pages across multiple sites, comparing and contrasting information to find the perfect purchase. 

For online and omnichannel shoppers, your content is your product. They can’t know your product apart from your product pages and the content you give them. 

In an increasingly competitive retail market on the busiest shopping day of the year, your brand’s product content must be consistent across every channel. Having a great in-store display or a social media ad is not enough. Brands must prioritize product content across their trading networks, online stores, and brick-and-mortar presence. It’s crucial that a consumer looking for your product can find it –– and its key differentiators –– with ease. 

All retail is omnichannel. If shoppers are coming to your site looking for a particular product, chances are they’ve engaged with your brand elsewhere or have been influenced by similar items in-store. Cyber Monday shopping might be accomplished on a phone, tablet or other mobile device. But, your content must be optimized for both online and in-person shopping experiences, and it must be consistent. 

Consistent product content is essential to increasing Cyber Monday sales. Accuracy and consistency across channels ensure you 

  • Deliver a unified experience 
  • Create trustworthy touchpoints at every stage
  • Earn conversion built on confidence 
  • Increase recognition and recall 

Shoppers (and retailers) expect consistency. Deliver omnichannel consistency and streamlined experiences to set yourself apart this Cyber Week. 


Offer a Deal They Can’t Refuse 


Consumers know they’ll reap serious discounts if they shop on Cyber Monday. That’s why they open their wallets the Monday after Thanksgiving. They expect to land on your product pages and snag a deal. Don’t disappoint with meager discounts that can’t compete. 

Standard Cyber Monday discounts reach roughly 30% here in the U.S. Shoppers come to you expecting these numbers reflected at checkout. Take time to understand the discounts you can apply to your products that will increase volume without decreasing your bottom line. 

Conduct market research to see how the industry has applied discounts in the past and what makes the most sense for your brand. Remember that holiday pricing should attract new customers to your products rather than just enticing your brand loyalists. 

Offer shoppers a deal they can’t refuse. Cyber Monday can be your ticket to earning new customer loyalties that last long after the holidays


Cross-Channel Promotion


Omnichannel retail requires omnichannel marketing. Cyber Monday content only works if you’re engaging shoppers with it. And that requires you to know where your consumers shop. 

Whether out-of-home, social media or print ads, you have opportunities across channels to bring your brand to potential customers looking for a deal. 


Show up in Their Inbox


Don’t underestimate the power of a well-timed Cyber Monday email campaign. People are in the shopping mindset. They’re thinking of what to buy (and where). A well-crafted subject line arriving in their inbox between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday can pique interest and bring shoppers down the funnel to your product pages. Recent research found that 2022 Cyber Monday welcome emails saw a 63.38% conversion rate. You can’t argue with that data. 

Shoppers are primed to buy. Sometimes, they need a nudge in the right direction. A single email can be the difference between a sale made and a customer lost to the competition. 


Leverage Product Bundling


When Cyber Monday rolls around, it’s not a question of if consumers will buy, but what they will buy and how much they will spend. When they find the perfect product bundle that allows them to bring home multiple perfect gifts at a discounted rate, there’s no question: they’re clicking “add to cart.”  

Leveraging product bundling as part of your Cyber Monday marketing attracts shoppers who want a deal –– and every shopper wants a deal. Suggesting a complementary item to a shopper who already has your product in their cart exposes that individual to more of your product line, building on the positive emotions of their shopping experience. Relevant bundles enhance the consumer experience with your brand while increasing your average order value. Increased cart sizes, better customer experiences, established trust and loyalty: you have every reason to make bundling a core component of your Cyber Monday content strategy. 


Lead with High-Quality Content


The quality of your product content informs the consumer’s experience with your brand, and on days like Cyber Monday, first impressions are everything. Shoppers hunting for the best deal will quickly move on if your product content is insufficient, low quality, or otherwise causes them to hesitate with their purchase. 

1WorldSync’s recent report on consumer product content benchmarks found that content quality is a top factor for shoppers, even outweighing brand recognition in their purchase decision-making: 73% of consumers claim that low-quality content causes them to leave a product page or site.

However, quality content does the opposite. When you deliver an exceptional product content experience, you engage the consumer and earn their trust. And earning trust is the first step in driving conversions. 




Cyber Monday is just days away, and shoppers are ready to buy. It’s time to prepare your content for what could be your highest sales day of the year. 

Experience confident commerce with high-quality, consistent product content and sales promotions that deliver results. The product content experts at 1WorldSync are available to help your brand excel in the omnichannel battle today, on Cyber Monday, and every day of the year. Let 1WorldSync help you take your product content to the next level just in time for Cyber Week. Get started with a customizable content plan today.